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Real Estate Professionals - Property Sales Tactics for Realtors

May 29, 2022

Michael Randwick Hession

When we borrow money from a bank, the bank charges us interest. That's how they make all their money.

Would you like to be like a bank, making all that interest money?  Our guest Michael Hession has a system that he is going to teach us about where you can lend money to yourself and also pay interest to yourself, making money and growing your wealth. 

This can be a great strategy for your clients to know about as well.  Your investors and individuals can invest more in properties from which you can benefit.


Michael provides a varied and extensive background to his work as an Infinite Banking Concepts authorized practitioner. Having been the owner/operator of a sole proprietorship in the marine industry for 16 years, he has a particular passion for families & small businesses owners and the challenges they face and for how IBC can positively impact them.

He also has experience trading his and other people’s money in the options, futures, and currency markets and has seen firsthand the pitfalls and dangers of having one’s wealth in the equities market and Wall Street. Add to that years of investing in and owning multiple real estate properties, Michael feels blessed to have been exposed to the Infinite Banking Concept seven years ago and now owns multiple policies along with his wife, Ann, and looks forward to helping clients take control of their own financial futures as well.


Michael is an authorized practitioner of Infinite Banking Concepts with a firm called Private Banking Strategies


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