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Dec 20, 2020

Gail Carter

Energy-efficient homes are of interest to homeowners.  Homeowners are always interested in conserving expenses and many homeowners are concerned about the environment.  Some energy conservation technologies in use today are wind, solar, and geothermal to name a few. Today we are going to talk about solar energy with my guest Gail Carter of illuminare Solar.

Gail's Bio

Gail is a Global Impact Strategist and solar energy professional who is super passionate about building things and building people. Through her brand Illuminare Solar and partnership with Power, PBC, Gail collaborates with many professionals in the real estate industry.

She loves sharing how homeowners and Solar ambassadors can leave a legacy and create abundance on the planet through clean energy.

Solar is not right for everyone, so one should partner with someone who they can trust, like Gail, who can be with you every step of the way- so you feel safe and secure with your home installation.

As an individual, She is the recipient of the “Woman to Watch Award” for leadership and volunteerism.  

Gail is an experienced Engineer and Project Manager.

On her creative side, she is also an International Speaker, 7X Published Author, 2X Best-Selling Author, and Global Philanthropist. 

Gail's contact:        386-843-9285.


Gail's Gifts: 

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