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Real Estate Professionals - Property Sales Tactics for Realtors

Feb 28, 2023


Having rapport with our clients is how we get them to know like and trust us which is the basis to make a sale.

 As an example, you have what you think is a great conversation going with a prospect and you’re thinking, this is good, we’re connecting- but are you really? Depending on your...

Feb 17, 2023


We think Home insurance is meant to protect us should something go amiss.  Countless times the insurance companies lowball their estimates for payment and numerous policyholders get underpaid.

 In many instances having a public adjuster step in to negotiate with the insurance company to get what is due...

Feb 12, 2023


 Many of you work with investors and are investors yourselves.  Today I want to bring awareness to another kind of investment opportunity we don’t hear mentioned very often and that is self-storage properties.

Our guest Scott Krone is THE expert in this type of investment, and he’ll share the many...

Jan 28, 2023

Paul Ross

We know people buy as an emotional response.  We must know how to guide our prospects through a journey to generate the right emotions to ignite the desire to buy.

To do that we need to use subtle words that sell and our guest Paul Ross is going to give us insights as to how to go about doing that to increase...

Jan 8, 2023

Tiffany West

Throughout the day we experience numerous emotions. Just think about it, we get a phone call to get a new client, we are elated. Or we get a call because there is a problem with the closing- we aren't feeling very happy at that moment.  Both of those emotions will most likely show up in our behavior as...