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Real Estate Professionals - Property Sales Tactics for Realtors

Jan 3, 2021

Connie Whitman - Seven Easy Steps to Sales Success


Connie Whitman - CEO of Whitman & Associates, speaker, podcast host, and author of a #1 international Best Seller ESP (Easy Sales Process). Her inspired teaching, transformational tools and content ensure businesses grow income by developing profitable relationship-based connections. 

Connie is the CEO of Whitman & Associates, LLC, for the past two-decades, and her signature 7-Step Sales Process, has helped thousands of sales people grow and scale their business. She is a trusted strategic partner, building lasting relationships with innovative business owners, thought leaders, and organizations worldwide.

As a podcast host, she is thrilled to share inspiring content on her weekly, international podcast the Heartfelt Sales Leader, as a free resource for professionals looking to fast track their careers

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The Free Communication Style Assess (CSA): - it's on my Home page of my website.
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Use the “3 Architect’s Secrets to Sell More Homes Faster “ in your business. Get your free guide here:

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